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Russell Mosquito Control

Russell Mosquito Control has the solution for those pesky Mosquitoes that thrive in our southern climate here in the River Region. We will come to your home and put an invisible barrier around your property and free up your outdoor spaces for such activities as cookouts, pool parties, gardening or just lounging and reading a good book. Our mission is to protect our customers from irritating Mosquito bites and all the nasty diseases Mosquitoes and Ticks bring with them.

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What sets us apart from the rest is our 2 week service. We do our treatments every 12 to 16 days verses others 21 days to once a month service. Along with our Mosquito treatments we include a Tick treatment which requires us to be more thorough with our applications which produce superior results. If you were to have trouble between services, which is rare, we will take care of you.

More Treatments - Better Results - Less Money

We have the most experienced and the best trained technicians in the River Region. They will inspect your property first and treat any Mosquito breeding locations and follow up with the misting application each time we visit.

The cost of the service also sets us apart. We charge $699.00 (up to ½ acre) for the entire season April through October. We offer a 7% discount for season prepays through the month of April.


  • Invoiced once per month at $99.86 for 7 months.

Shield your family from mosquitoes

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Russell Mosquito Control

Russell Mosquito Control

We Are An Independent Family Owned and Operated Company Doing Business In The River Region Since 2011.


The best Mosquito Control program in the River Region.
Our solution is 97% organic; kid, pet and environment friendly.

Russell Mosquito Control