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With our 24-hour response time, we ensure you will have your mosquito and tick issue addressed fast. We make it easy and hassle-free, providing you with top notch customer service.

About Russell
Mosquito Control

Lavonn and Leta Russell saw the opportunity to start a mosquito control business in 2011. They operated the first mosquito and tick specific pest control business in the river region that year. Not only did it solve their own mosquito problem, but it would solve the mosquito problem for everyone who enjoys being outdoors in the river region. They were right and have hundreds of satisfied customers who will agree!  Today Lavonn and Leta’s son, Jay, works in the field with Lavonn.

They both enjoy working outdoors in the beautiful river region and thoroughly, terminating mosquitoes and ticks and leaving a noticeable absence of other pesky insects in their wak.

Russell Mosquito Control (RMC) MOSQUITO FREE GUARANTEE


Mosquitoes suck, but we are totally confident that you won’t feel that way about our mosquito control service. For that reason we offer our (RMC) MOSQUITO FREE GUARANTEE and never lock you in a contract. If you have trouble between treatments (which is rare) we will retreat at no cost to you.


Russell Mosquito Control

Russell Mosquito Control

We Are An Independent Family Owned and Operated Company Doing Business In The River Region Since 2011.


The best Mosquito Control program in the River Region.
Our solution is 97% organic; kid, pet and environment friendly.

Russell Mosquito Control