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Commercial Services

Take Mosquitos OFF the Guest List

Nothing is better than being able to enjoy the great outdoors without being “EAT’IN UP ALIVE BY MOSQUITOES”. This is especially true at Day Care Play Areas, City Parks and Recreation Areas, RV Parks and Camp Grounds. Keep your guest happy and coming back to your Hotels, Rentals and Apartment Complexes by protecting them from the nuisance of Mosquitoes and Ticks.

Russell Mosquito Control has the solution with the experience and a proven Mosquito and Tick control program.

Day Care Play Areas

We offer services to keep play grounds and day cares Mosquito & Tick free.

City Parks

For Park Areas, mosquito and tick control is vital to protect people who visit the park.

Recreation Areas

Mosquito & Tick problems are really bothersome in picnic and recreation areas.

RV Parks Camp Grounds

With constant traffic going and coming in RV parks and camp grounds, they become very sensitive to mosquito and tick problems.
Russell Mosquito Control

Russell Mosquito Control

We Are An Independent Family Owned and Operated Company Doing Business In The River Region Since 2011.


The best Mosquito Control program in the River Region.
Our solution is 97% organic; kid, pet and environment friendly.

Russell Mosquito Control

Shield your family from mosquitoes

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